Tomato & Feta Salad in Pita

Check out this healthy, inexpensive meal made in less than 30 minutes!! Lunch time! ☺️ 
Tomato & Feta Salad in Pita

-1 cup of torn lettuce

-2 slices of tomato

-4 slices of cucumber

-1 oz of cheese of your choice, I chose blue cheese, you can do feta

-1 whole wheat pita

-1 tbsp of balsamic dressing 

-1 cup of cooked pork slices

-In an bowl, mix together lettuce, cheese, and dressing. Toss well. Slice top of pita and open. Fill pita with lettuce mixture, add tomato, pork slices, and cucumber slices. Enjoy!!

Be healthy. Be kind. Be a game changer. 💪🏽

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