Strength Training For Women

Here are some of the blog posts I wrote pertaining to strength training for women. I am a big believer in strength training and it is one of the key elements to living a healthy life. I have lost a lot of weight faster and safer ever since I incorporated strength training into my fitness routine. Here are the things I learned and my wish is that you’ll achieve even better results than me. As always, be a game changer and not a follower. Enjoy!



*Before you start any exercise program consult your physician first!





Muscles In Your Body: 

*It is important to learn about the muscles in your body before you pick up weights because you need to know what muscle you are working and you want to focus on that muscle for that duration of time you are weight training. Let’s say you are doing a bent over row, you need to focus on the muscles in the back and not the muscles in the leg. I know it will be a lot of information, but it is important to learn how to train smarter and not faster. Another benefit to learning the muscles in your body is in the case you wanted to tighten that part in the body. If you know your muscles then you can make up a short routine to tighten it. Enough explanation! Here are the blog posts!


Muscles In The Upper Body:

Muscles In The Upper Body


Muscles In The Lower Body:

Muscles In The Lower Body