How to Have A Good Morning

Good morning beautiful people! 🌞
Just because it’s Monday doesn’t mean it has to be a bad day. Make every day special and make every day matter. The key to getting results and getting what you want out of life are those choices that you make daily. 
These are my top tips for a good morning and I practice these things daily. It’s really nice to get into a good routine. Because a good routine yields results. 
1. Make Your Bed 
I actually didn’t start making my bed into a morning routine until I read this in a personal development article earlier this year. Other than the obvious reason of having a clean room, the other reason to make your bed is because it gives you a sense of accomplishment early in the morning. Who doesn’t want to feel like a champion in the morning? 🤔 Make your bed. 
2. Write out a plan for your day or a to-do list
I used to go about my day without writing down my plans and I realized I was doing so much, but I wasn’t doing anything at all. I would fill my time browsing on social media and wasting time. Ever since I’ve been writing down my plan and my to-do list I’ve been more productive and was accomplishing much more things. Don’t just think about it, write it down in a journal or a planner, so you can see what you are accomplishing.
3. Eat a light breakfast
7-8 hours is a long time to go without eating. So do your body a favor and give it something healthy for it. I recommend a whole wheat toast or bagel, a banana, and a scoop of Shakeology. This would give you the energy to get you moving and off to a great start in the morning. 
4. Workout
I do recommend working out in the morning than at night. It boosts your metabolism and gives you energy that will last throughout the day. Who doesn’t want to feel refreshed before work? No matter what, I make sure I get that workout in in the morning. Even when I have a 6am client and that means I have to wake up I 4am to workout. As soon as it is done I wouldn’t have to think about it the rest of the day. 
5. Write what you’re thankful for
This doesn’t have to take long. Once you write down the five things you’re thankful for, you’ll have that sense of giving. And the more you give, the more good will come back to you. 
6. Listen to a motivational speech
Everything, every choice you make comes from the mind. You have to train your mind if you want results. You body is only capable to do what the mind tells it to do. This is super important. Train your mind for success and success will come to you. 
Which tip resonated with you the most? 
I curious to know what your daily routine is. Write it down in the comment section below. 
Be healthy. Be kind. Be a game changer. 💪🏽

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