Go-VUU GPS Wheel Companion Review

You can either read my review or click on the video to see the product in action. Whatever suits your style!

Hey guys, I just wanted to share with you a product that changed my life. It is called Go-VUU and instead of a GPS mount for your dashboard or for your window, this product goes right in the middle of your steering wheel.

The box came with the product itself and two Velcro sticky pads so you can use one for yourself and give one to a friend. So you put the product in the middle of your steering wheel and place the Velcro pad onto your phone. So when you’re ready to drive you simply stick the phone to the product and that’s it!

You’re driving hands-free!

The product is great when you’re using a GPS feature on your phone and when you want to speak to Siri to give a text out to your friends and family.

I had this product for about two weeks now and I haven’t had any problems with it. I think it is a phenomenal product and I recommend this for every driver out there. You’ll be driving hands-free and driving safer than ever before.


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