Do You Need A Fitness Tracker to Lose Weight?

In this day in age, it seems like EVERYONE has a fitness tracker on their wrist. Whether it will be an Apple Watch, Garmin, Fitbit, Nike+, Misfit, WalkingDuck (okay, I made that up). My point is there are so many of them in the market today. The question you need to ask yourself is, “do you really need one?” Should you give into the pressure of society and spend $200 on something you don’t really need? Or do you have a lot of weight to lose that you need a device that would help you with your accountability? This article helps you make that decision. 



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7 Ways to Develop a Positive Mindset to Achieve Anything You Want In Life

Whether you are new at exercise and losing weight or you have been yo-yo dieting for years now, it is possible to lose the weight you have to lose and keep it off for good. It all starts with having a POSITIVE MINDSET. Without a positive mindset, you are bound to fall off the wagon and keep on gaining weight. That is not what we want! I actually want you to lose weight. This concept applies to anything you want to achieve in life. So how do you develop and positive mindset?

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Positive Inspirational Quotes For Everyday Living

We all get down once in a while when achieving our goals, but that’s no reason to give up. If the leaders gave up on their goals then they wouldn’t be where they are today. You have to remember what motivated you to start in the first place and to always keep that in mind. For me, it is to be able to live on my own and anywhere I want. I know every time I visualize where I want to be, then there’s no stopping me working as hard as I can to get there. What are your goals and what is keeping you motivated?

The best way to use these quotes is to internalize and memorize at least one quote each day until you can recite it from memory. That way when you don’t have your phone or a frame of reference you’ll always have that quote in the back of your mind.



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5 Books That Changed My Life and It Will Change Yours Too!

Books are so important in my life. I love the ones that make me sit and think about my life and where I’m headed. These ones listed are the game changers for me as I constantly refer back to them for advice, laughter, enjoyment, and whenever I need a good slap in the face or in other words, a good lecture.

I hope you can use my recommendations to better your life in some ways and I would love it if you can comment down below the books that changed your life. Let’s get to it! The 5 books that changed my life…


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Don’t Be Afraid To Stand Up For Yourself 

Yesterday I had my last court case against my ex. I filed a criminal complaint because he broke my IPad and piano back in August. I had people tell me not to press charges because they didn’t think I would win and that it would be stressful for the both of us. But I wanted to do what was right and what brought justice. I knew what happened that day and night and no else did. Except for my ex, maybe, he was passed out drunk.

I went into the courtroom with confidence that I would win. I had in my mind that I would leave joyfully with the results going my way. I watched a lot of law of attraction videos that morning to get my mind in the right place.

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